There are many ways people do to beautify and enhance the appearance of the room’s interior. One of them is using a carpet. Carpets are floor mats made of several kinds of materials, from natural to synthetic materials, like fine silk fibers or wool. Some even use synthetic fibers.

There are many functions of carpets. Starting from sleeping mats, sitting mats, tablecloths, glass tablecloths, to wall hangings. As a room interior, the carpet can be installed in various rooms such as the living room, bedroom and family room, even the hall.

Carpet Benefits:

  • As a protection, the carpet is effective in preventing damage to the floor or furniture from shifting activities when rearranged.
  • Providing a comfortable sensation on the feet, the carpet material is quite diverse; if it is soft and thick, it will create a comfortable sensation when stepping on it.
  • Carpets are also effective at reducing sound, both the sound of footsteps, the sound of radio, television, and so on.
  • Fills an empty space in a room consisting of plain furniture using a patterned carpet.
  • Increase the life of the carpet. Cleaning and washing the carpet can remove dirt that has the potential to damage the carpet fibers, which can shorten the life of the carpet.
  • No need to worry about stains. You no longer need to take burden about carpet cleanliness from all forms of stains and dirt if your carpet is cleaned regularly. Moreover, if you use the services of professionals who are experts in their fields who are able to completely remove all types of stains.
  • Creating a more hygienic environment. A clean carpet without dust, germs, bacteria, and other dirt will keep the air in the room healthy.
  • Improve the beauty of the carpet. With frequent cleaning and maintenance, even old carpets will always look attractive.
  • Get rid of mites and bacteria. With routine cleaning, the carpet will avoid mites and bacteria, thereby reducing the possibility of causing allergies and various other health problems.
  • Carpets are part of the decor of the room, and a clean, well-maintained rug will be the best investment in your space.
  • More economical. A clean carpet means it is well cared for, so the chances of buying a new one are very few. This of course, saves you money.

How to Clean a Carpet:

If you can’t clean it yourself, you can clean it through a carpet cleaning service.

  • To perform daily maintenance, shake rugs and carpets outside to drop the dirt. Place a piece of thin, loose-fiber cloth, such as a light cotton pillowcase and filter cloth, on the rug.
  • Vacuum the covered area of ​​the rug. The dust will be sucked in through the crevices of the fabric without damaging the carpet hairs.
  • To get rid of obvious stains, use homemade cleaners as much as possible using household ingredients. A mixture of detergent, vinegar, and warm water is a great choice for cleaning sensitive rugs and carpets.
  • To combat unpleasant odors, especially pet and cigarette odors, sprinkle baby powder on rugs and fur rugs. Leave it overnight to allow the powder to absorb odors, then vacuum up any excess powder using a vacuum cleaner.

How to Wash the Carpet Manually:

  • Hold the carpet on the floor, then vacuum or remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you use a wet & dry type of vacuum cleaner to be used to vacuum and be used to suck water.
  • After the dust is gone, spread the carpet by hanging it on a clothesline made of bamboo or iron pipe with sufficiently strong support, or you can also keep it on the floor.
  • Spray the carpet with cold water. It will be better if you use a pressurized atomizer, such as those used to wash cars or motorbikes, so that the dirt and dust can be removed more optimally.
  • Then use soap or detergent that is usually used to wash clothes. However, if you want to use carpet shampoo, it also doesn’t hurt.
  • Brush with your hand or a soft brush on the soiled carpet. Don’t brush too hard so that the hair doesn’t fall out.
  • Once clean, rinse with a mild (gentle) spray and let the water pick up all the dirt from the carpet. Repeat this rinse until the carpet is clean from soap and dirt.
  • Give a softener by dissolving it with enough cold water, as needed.
  • Dry the carpet by hanging it in the wind in a place that is not directly exposed to the sun so that the carpet hair is not rough, but the air circulation is good enough so that the carpet does not smell.
  • After the carpet is dry, sprinkle with baking soda or baking soda (to remove odors and absorb moisture). Allow a few moments, then clean the baking soda earlier by vacuuming the machine until it is clean.
  • Rouse the bristles (if deemed necessary) by brushing them with a soft plastic hand brush.
  • Roll or fold the carpet according to the predetermined standard, then put it in a plastic wrap bag so it doesn’t get dirty with dust. Spray perfume (if necessary) before closing the plastic wrap.

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