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5 cleaning tips to disinfect offices

A little over a year ago, a virus called Covid-19 entered our lives, it is a global pandemic, and it seems it will be around for a long time. That is why we must learn to live with it and take the necessary measures to combat it and prevent the spread of infections.

It is indisputable that our routines social, labor, personnel hygiene, and cleanliness have changed, but life goes on. Therefore, it is essential to properly disinfect the work area, especially those offices where many workers and/or visitors attend.

It is very important to keep the work environment clean to prevent people from catching this terrible virus. To avoid risks and be as safe as possible, apply these tips of interest to disinfect Covid in offices.
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It is very important that every place is completely clean, so there must be constant cleaning of all areas, especially where a greater number of people attend. Cleaning should not be confused with disinfecting.

Therefore, cleaning products that serve as disinfectants for viruses and bacteria should be used. It should be remembered that any surface that may have contact with people should not be ignored. It is very important to clean daily in a pristine way to avoid contagion.


The environment that is breathed in the place must be the most optimal, so adequate ventilation promotes air purification.

In this case, the air circulation must be constant to provide maximum safety for people. In addition, there are various tools or products that help keep the air clean and purify it properly, thus eliminating any traces of viruses and bacteria present in the environment.

This allows workers and visitors to be much safer and calmer, knowing that the air they breathe is pure and clean. Additionally, a very effective tool to keep the environment clean and counteract Covid-19 is the use of ozone.


Because people can easily transmit the virus, it is very important to have disinfectant products so that they can be applied to the workplace.

Because people go through different environments before arriving at the office, they may have the probability of contracting the coronavirus, so it is imperative that hands , shoes and clothing are disinfected when arriving at the worksite. It is also important that you constantly disinfect your hands while working, especially when they are in contact with surfaces and people in the office.

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To maintain optimal control in place, it is important to carry out a cleaning plan , analyzing and determining everything that must be disinfected and the areas that must be covered, as well as the materials, equipment and the amount of products to be used . After establishing the plan to disinfect Covid in offices, it must be implemented correctly, following the instructions that were established and without skipping any step.

Finally, the plan must be constantly reviewed in order to identify if a modification is needed to improve the safety of everyone in the place.


Establishing effective security methods to avoid COVID-19 as much as possible is undoubtedly very important, so certain regulations must be used that must be complied with. In this case, one of the most important is the separation between people (1-2 meters), since this allows the area to be disinfected in a better way and avoid a risk of contagion.

In addition, you must have tools and products suitable for the environment and very clean and decontaminated office surfaces. Finally, the people in charge of cleaning the site must have the different elements that allow them to increase their security when disinfecting Covid in offices.


It is sometimes complicated to know how to maintain a living room in leather, fabric, or modern textiles. We give you all the essential advice to carry out this interview in the best conditions. By cleaning it regularly, you will preserve the shine and flexibility of this natural material.

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What are the maintenance procedures for a leather salon?

The leather living room is popular because it is a star material in the field of decoration. A leather living room is very resistant, acquires a patina over time, and gives the room character. But even if a leather sofa or other seats of this type offer resistance to time, wear, and aggression, to maintain its qualities for a long time, here are the right reflexes to adopt:

• To restore its shine to a leather lounge, you must first remove dust using a cloth or the soft brush of your vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from settling on its surface. Then you can clean your seats and your leather sofa using a sponge slightly moistened with soapy water, making circular movements. Note that glycerin soap and Marseille soap are recommended. Do not rinse, but dry with a cloth that you will dab on the various pieces of furniture in your leather living room.

• If you stained your leather living room sofa, you can still repair the damage. Before acting, it is best to seek advice from your store, which will provide you with a non-aggressive cleaning lotion. Before applying, always test on an inconspicuous area.

• Leather must be hydrated in order to maintain its shine and suppleness. Use a special leather moisturizer that you will apply with a soft cloth. After a scratch, it is possible to recover a tint and fix it permanently on the surface: your store will recommend a specialist to perform this type of intervention.

As you will have understood, it is not because leather is a robust and resistant material that it is necessary to do without regular maintenance and cleaning. The frequency of cleaning and maintenance for sofas and/or armchairs of this type is once a month for the lightest shades and once every two months for the darker leathers. This rhythm is more than enough to guarantee the flexibility and beauty of the material for years to come.

Clean a modern fabric and textile living room

A living room with fabric furniture is more fragile than a leather living room. In use, sofas, seats, and armchairs, therefore, run more risks. Fabric sofas and armchairs should be dusted twice a month, and full cleaning should be done once or twice a year.

Maintenance of classic fabric seats

To remove dust accumulating on the seats, avoid using a cloth to not leave dirty streaks in your path. Prefer to use the vacuum cleaner, which will certainly eliminate the dust accumulated over time on your furniture.

Before you tackle cleaning, you must take care to protect your decorative elements properly. Some fabrics and prints may bleed. To prevent this risk, start by cleaning with a well wrung-out sponge, and always from an inconspicuous area. Same thing if you use stain remover cleaning products, prefer the back of a cushion or the seat.

However, stop everything if you notice that the colors are bleeding, that the fabric is shrinking or pilling! Change the method to dry cleaning if your seat is removable, or trust someone more experienced in the matter, a cleaning professional, for example.

The last risk to take into account when cleaning a fabric salon is that of halos. There are not thirty-six solutions to prevent their occurrence: first, you need to clean the stain and then proceed to the entire seat. And this, even if your furniture has suffered only one stain since it is the only way to homogenize your work.

How to maintain a modern textile living room?

Widely used in furniture, microfibers are distinguished by their resistance and their wide variety. Depending on their compositions and their thicknesses, some can have a touch as soft as velvet, others a nubuck or vintage appearance:

• To maintain a sofa or a microfiber armchair, it must be vacuumed to avoid streaks and halos. The living room decorations, upholstery, and furniture legs must then be protected before using a sponge impregnated with the cleaner. Remember, of course, to check that the upholstery of the sofa is able to withstand the action of stain removers.

• On a microfiber backing, acting immediately after staining the fabric is ideal for limiting damage. In this case, a damp cloth may be sufficient to remove the dirt, and even more so if the seat has benefited from a stain-resistant treatment. Avoid directly rubbing a liquid stain; prefer to absorb it with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Prefer cold or lukewarm water since hot water tends to fix soiling on the fabric.

Several products such as ammonia, soda crystals, or even white vinegar can be used to precede the cleaning of modern textiles. You still have to choose the right dosage so as not to damage it.

Open a door without a key

Open a door without a key

You have lost the keys to your home; you cannot open the door to a room, or the keys to your closet cannot be found. And this situation may be very disappointed with everyone. But do not worry. This tutorial gives you various tips and techniques on how to open a door without a key. Gather your dexterity, patience, and you may be able to open a door without a key. Yes, perhaps, because opening a door is not as easy and fast as in the movies …

The first step is:

Hook your lock!

For this mission 007, you need to equip yourself with gadgets, like an agent. A lockpicking kit, which you can order quite easily on the Internet, for the modest sum of around twenty Dollars. This kit will mainly be used to hook a padlock or a cupboard. Otherwise, you can create homemade tools: a  jigsaw blade  that you file on the sides and crochet to form a slightly hooked peak and a   small key. Small information: this method only works on simple flat key locks. Let’s face it; you won’t be able to hook an armored door!

Place your alien key, which serves as a tensioner, on the top of the barrel, which should turn slightly in the direction in which the key usually turns, and maintain light pressure. Now, while maintaining this position, you will insert the hook into the lock. Feel and gently press the pins with the hook until you feel the pins move. Be patient. This task can be very slow and does not lead to the door opening for sure.

The second step is:

A little less gentle method: the drill!

Only two steps to open your door. Drill, then open the door using a flat screwdriver.

We equip ourselves with a drill and a 4.5 diameter drill bit, and you drill a hole just below the barrel. When the bit fits into the lock, it breaks the pins and allows the lock to turn. You will have some email in the hole, which you will remove with the screwdriver. And if there are any stuck pins left, push them down using the screwdriver too.

The third step is:

A little more radical: the hammer!

Destroy the lock with a hammer. This method is found last for an obvious reason; it should be your last resort. In most cases, you should call a locksmith or the fire department instead. If you need to get out quickly, you can knock the lockdown several times until the handle or lock breaks and separates from the door.

Say goodbye to your lock as well as your door; you will lose it. I know the locksmith sometimes hides dramatic aspects. This method works; however, it is, it can be said,  radical. Just think of all the things or people that make you mad, then grab the hammer and bang up and down until the lock is destroyed! And now you will become happy. Do not hesitate to share this article.