How to Open a Juice Bar

The juice bar business boomed in the mid-1990s, due to the growing demand for tasty and ready-to-drink drinks, but also nutritious drinks and snacks for health-conscious consumers. Whether you want to sell a unique mix of fruit juices, with the addition of vegetables and vitamins, or your choice falls on products of strictly organic origin, there are several approaches you can consider in managing a juice bar. Starting this type of business requires excellent planning and strategic marketing to beat the competition, so read the steps below to find out all the secrets of a good launch.

Steps to Open a Juice Bar

Step 1:

Study the juice cases you are aware of and analyze the products they use and their marketing strategy. By learning from the positive experience of those who preceded you, you can avoid making the typical mistakes of the beginner.

Try to understand which are the most popular juices or other products.

It determines the socio-demographic characteristics of their commercial target. For example, students have very different consumption and spending needs than their families. An in-depth knowledge of the tastes of your target audience will help you build your customer base.

Learn more about their marketing strategy, especially how they reach consumers and package their advertising message.

Step 2:

Produce a juice bar business plan that includes both expected costs and potential revenue.

One of the factors when renting or purchasing a room may be the expense. You may switch from these methods based on your financial or legal standing. Think of a neighbourhood where businesses can gain from providing juices.

Calculate the costs of all deliveries, ie juice ingredients, industrial equipment needed for the preparation, cleaning products, management software and furniture.

Find out about licenses and permits and their cost. Also, contact your insurance agent to determine liability charges.

Choose the number of employees you need and how much their annual salary will cost you.

Allocate a spending budget that includes online and print advertising, promotional offers, and possibly local TV commercials.

Step 3:

Go after investors who can give you the needed resources for your venture. It may be a business, big investor or bank.

Step 4:

Choose an investor who understands and approves your business plan and offers you the best financial offer.

Step 5:

Once you have determined the financial aspect, choose the most suitable location. Choose a location that is easily accessible and visible to the public.

Step 6:

Order all necessary equipment and products, ie mixers, juicers, juicers, a producer of ice, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step 7:

Do job interviews. Friendly and optimistic employees who are efficient and responsible people.

Step 8:

Advertise your butterfly juice bar in the local press, internet and local radio stations.

Step 9:

For the inauguration, organize a big party with many free tastings to familiarize customers with your advertising products.


  • You can add a selection of healthy snacks.
  • Invent funny and appealing names for your products.
  • Choose a location with a lot of pedestrian traffic, for example, close to the university or a very popular gym.
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  • Avoid buying too many products in advance, as fresh ingredients are very perishable and always leave the supply channel open.
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Things you’ll need

  • A business plan
  • Blenders
  • centrifuges
  • Juicer
  • Ice machine
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

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