5 Tips for Returning a Rented Car

As free and good as you felt at the beginning of a trip when you couldn’t wait to leave with the car you just rented, this feeling can change drastically as the moment approaches. You must return it. If you are tired, stressed, or in a hurry, it would be ideal to take into account these 5 tips so that the end of your journey is as pleasant as possible.

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1. Check the signed contract

Before returning the rented car, check again, carefully, exactly what is written in the contract. This should also include the place and date the car is returned. Keep enough time to fill up the car and take into account the city traffic.

2. Return the car on time

This advice may be self-evident, but it is very important. Car rental companies handle dozens, maybe even hundreds of reservations and rely on their customers to return the car on time. In this way, their fleet is used with maximum efficiency.

3. See which is the nearest gas station

When you rush to return the car, you will probably not be familiar with that area. That is why it is ideal and recommended to try to find the nearest gas station when you pick up the car. If you return the car without the full amount, this is only an extra tax that you certainly do not want. Knowing where you can power the car on the way back will relieve you of stress.

4. Check the car date again

Allow yourself enough time to carefully check the car once more before handing it over, even small accessories such as the car charger or keys. Check for any damage both inside and out, and remember any damage you notice. We even recommend that you photograph any damage, especially if you hand over the car to the Bucharest car rental company after dark.

Car rental insurance in winter

When temperatures are very low, and snow is surprising, car insurance is one of the best solutions you should consider.

Not being an insurance per se, but a waiver by the rental company of the right to claim compensation for damage/damage to the car, it is an additional option (with your own contribution) that guarantees you reduced liability for the entire cost of the damage the amount paid by you, unless you intentionally caused damage or misused the car.

By purchasing an insurance car, the driver’s financial liability is limited to 500$, which means that, in case of higher damage, the driver will only pay up to 500$, the difference being borne by the car rental company.

Although this type of insurance covers liability for damage to the car, parts, and accessories, most of the time, damage to tires, windshields, tires, or side mirrors is not covered by this additional option.

Driving in winter can be a real adventure, or it can turn into a pleasant experience if you choose to follow the rules and put prevention above repair.

Some rental companies include the price of winter tires in the package rental price of the car. Still, most car rental companies have different costs, which are calculated per day, for each extra service, regardless of the season.

5. Contact the car rental company

If you are still not sure of the whole return procedure, it would be best to contact the car rental company in advance to avoid misunderstandings.

The Car team wants all its customers to be calm and relaxed, both when delivering the car and when handing over the car, and the whole process is extremely easy. You can book a car right now using this link.

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