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What Steps for a Complete Cleaning of Sanitary Blocks?

Hygiene in offices and businesses is a point that should not be overlooked. Washrooms are naturally one of the most important places in cleaning company premises.

Like all installations, it is essential to properly maintain the toilets both for the general hygiene of the offices and for the well-being of the workers who use them. Indeed, in the event of neglect of the sanitary blocks, bad odors and bacteria can more easily take place, and it will then be necessary to carry out a more in-depth cleaning to overcome this problem. In order to keep sanitary facilities clean and in good repair, there are a few essential steps to consider and apply.

In this article, discover these essential steps to ensure the cleanliness of your installations:


It is crucial to get into the routine of ventilating your sanitary facilities on a daily basis to avoid the appearance of bad odors or mold due to use and the humidity, which is very present there. Indeed, by definition, the toilets and showers that can constitute your sanitary block are generally humid places that need to be ventilated to ensure a good lifespan, but also to provide users with optimal comfort and good hygiene.

Beyond ventilation, when setting up your sanitary block, we advise you to think about openings and ventilation. Placing windows in the sanitary facilities will allow you to easily ventilate on a regular basis. Ventilation is also essential in this type of installation to regulate humidity. 


To ensure the cleanliness of any room in your business, it is essential to regularly empty the trash cans to avoid bad odors and have a clean feeling. Indeed, trash cans, and particularly those in your sanitary facilities, can quickly bring back very bad smells if you do not get rid of them regularly. It is always best to perform a periodic dump to avoid any problems.


There are many tips for cleaning a mirror without leaving any traces (household alcohol, microfiber cloth, vinegar, etc.). The important thing for your toilet blocks is to maintain satisfactory cleanliness of the mirrors at all times:

  • Remove all stains
  • Remove fingerprints
  • Remove grease stains
  • Make fly marks disappear

If your mirrors are damaged, scratched, or pitted, we recommend that you change them to keep a pleasant and neat appearance in your bathroom.  


Most often, sinks are clogged with scale or scratches on the porcelain. To avoid inconvenience, it is necessary to maintain them regularly with a sponge soaked in water and a little liquid cleaning product.

For very dirty sinks, you can opt for anti-tartar toothpaste and a little water on a sponge, product to clean the oven, absorbent paper soaked in warm vinegar, or a toothbrush soaked in a mixture of turpentine and coarse salt.

For your taps, it is often the limestone that poses a problem. To get rid of it, you can take a damp microfiber cloth or a cloth soaked in vinegar.

Clean sinks and faucets will encourage users of your sanitary facilities to wash their hands. If the sinks and faucets are dirty, there are risks that users will be less inclined to do so while this step is essential to maintain hygiene in your offices or premises.  


Along with washing floors, scrubbing and cleaning the toilet bowl is one of the most important points to clean for good hygiene in your bathroom. A cuvette is indeed a place where bacteria can quickly proliferate if maintenance is not sufficient. 

In order to achieve effective cleaning, always have the habit of cleaning from the outside to the inside so that loose dirt is cleared towards the water drains. The outer parts are logically less dirty than the inner parts, so it is important to carry out the cleaning in this direction.

Start by washing the outside with a sponge soaked in a special cleaning product (antibacterial or anti-lime). Then, you can pour white vinegar there for the bowl itself, which is a quick, efficient, and ecological solution. You can also use bleach, which helps disinfect but which should nevertheless be handled with care. With these solutions, you will quickly find toilet bowls that are as white as they are clean, and that will not smell bad.


Although it may seem like a detail, it is nevertheless essential, to ensure good hygiene in your toilet blocks, to fill or replace the soaps as often as possible. The sanitary facilities and the toilets or any showers must have everything necessary to wash their hands after use or to keep the place in good condition (hand soaps, functional brushes in the toilets, garbage cans, etc. squeegees for showers, etc.). All the installations of your sanitary blocks must be maintained regularly to guarantee their durability.

In any case, the main object is to always maintain your sanitary blocks so that your installations, in general, are comfortable, practical, and clean. Do not hesitate to call on cleaning professionals to carry out regular maintenance of your offices and bathrooms. 

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