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Benefits of Carrot Juice

8 Benefits of Carrot Juice

Did you know that carrots are ideal for maintaining oral health? And what is best for relieving gastric pain or constipation? A glass of this vegetable juice is an inexhaustible source of health benefits.

From a young age, they tell us that carrots are very good for our health. But do we know all the advantages it does have? Today we will discover the unknown benefits of carrot juice.

Carrots are very beneficial for the eyes and for the skin as they are very rich in beta-carotene, as this study indicates.

However, by consuming carrot juice, we can benefit from many more properties of this vegetable. Let’s see some of them.

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Carrots, orange gold

Carrots are the most widely consumed vegetables in the world. This is due to its properties since many tasty dishes can be made with them.

However, before we start, we will highlight three essential nutrients of this vegetable that make it so popular.

Beta carotene

We already mentioned it initially, and that is that carrots contain a nutrient known as beta-carotene that is very important for our health.

Beta-carotene is synthesized by the liver that converts it into vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that “binds” to harmful molecules, rendering them harmless.

Vitamin A

Carrots have adequate vitamin A beyond that obtained from beta-carotene. A glass of juice from this vegetable provides almost 700% of the basic needs of an adult.

This makes carrots responsible for protecting eyesight and preventing certain degenerative diseases such as cancer.

In addition to this, vitamin A promotes bone and tooth growth, reduces the risk of heart disease, maintains healthy cell functions, helps the body resist infection, and balances blood pressure.

Alpha carotene

5.9 mg of alpha-carotene is present in one cup of carrots, rendering it an antioxidant filled with flavonoids.

In many places, this nutrient is considered to have the potential to live longer and to prevent lung cancer.

It is also soluble in fat, and to enjoy its properties in this case, it should be consumed in a baked or sauteed preparation.

What are the unknown benefits of carrot juice?

To obtain all the unknown benefits of carrot juice, it must be consumed several times a week on an empty stomach, if possible. Let’s see some of them.

1. Improves oral health

If we ate it raw and whole, the carrot would serve to clean the teeth and molars. But in the case of consuming it processed, it also has its properties.

For example, it strengthens teeth and gums, improves blood flow, and prevents bacteria from adhering to teeth.

By containing fluoride, this vegetable prevents the appearance of cavities and keeps tooth enamel in good condition.

2. Stimulates the appetite

It has been shown that after drinking a little carrot juice, those who have just been operated on, convalescent, or with digestive problems will eat a little more.

It is a good option for babies when their teeth are starting to come in and for the elderly who must eat porridge or soups.

3. Fight constipation

Another of the unknown benefits of carrot juice is that it fights constipation. This is because they have a good amount of fiber that increases the quantity and quality of stool, regulating intestinal transit.

In addition, this juice reduces stomach pain due to intoxication, soothes gastric discomfort, and heartburn. It is recommended in patients with gastritis.

4. It is diuretic

This vegetable contains a lot of water in its composition, and that is excellent news for those who suffer from fluid retention, edema, or kidney problems.

A cup of carrot juice on an empty stomach can break down kidney stones and facilitate their passage.

5. Restores the nerves

If you are about to face an exam, have a first date, or go to a work meeting, we recommend that you drink some carrot juice.

Also, if you are going through a time of great stress or you feel very tired and fatigued. These energizing and revitalizing effects are caused by phosphorous and potassium.

6. It is an ally in beauty

Nothing better than carrots to strengthen nails and shiny hair. The provitamin A it contains helps the body repair cells damaged by contamination or contact with chemicals.

Also, it allows to regulate the scalp’s sebum production, something that will benefit those who suffer from excess oil.

7. Improves breast milk

Vitamin A and beta-carotene are two nutrients that cannot be lacking in a pregnant woman’s diet and a breastfeeding mother.

According to doctors, both improve the milk’s biological quality and allow more quantity to be produced according to the child’s needs.

8. Its good for your eyes

The beta-carotenes we talked about at the beginning also can prevent premature aging, which is the last of the unknown benefits of carrot juice.

It protects the sight from cataracts, from retinal detachment, and is ideal for people suffering from loss of visual acuity or twilight blindness.

To prepare the rich and healthy carrot juice, you only need 6 pieces of this vegetable and a water glass.

Peel and cut into small pieces, mix everything in the blender with the water until it reaches a creamy consistency. Now you just have to take it and enjoy all the unknown benefits of carrot juice.