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Why is stair cleaning necessary?

Stair cleaning is one of the most important cleaning issues of any building. Whether the building is an office or residential building. It may have happened to you that when you return home and plan to use the elevator, you find that it has a problem or is out of order. So you go to the second option, the staircase. Imagine a staircase that has not been cleaned for a long time and is sometimes used as an empty carton storage. Failure to observe the cleanliness of the stairs will give an unpleasant appearance to your building. Especially if they are the only way of communication between the floors of the stairs!

Why is stair cleaning necessary?

As we have said, the staircase in any building is probably the first part that attracts visitors’ attention. That is, the people who enter the building first recognize the health and character of the residents from the cleanliness of the stairs and the appearance of the building.

Also, the beauty and cleanliness of the stairs can greatly contribute to the beauty of the building’s appearance. The cleaner the stairs of the building, the more beautiful the appearance of the building will be.

Stair cleaning method

Stair cleaning from top to bottom

Whether the stairs in your house are made of stone or wood or are covered with carpet, the cleaning process should always be done from top to bottom; Because during the cleaning process, dirt and dust fall from one step to another, and if you clean the lower steps first, after cleaning the upper steps, you have to clean the lower steps again.

Cleaning of stone and wooden stairs

Stone and wooden stairs are a little easier to clean than paved stairs. You can easily clean these stairs with a large vacuum cleaner. When all the big rubbish has been removed, use a hand brush to clean the gaps in this staircase type. Remember to clean the stairs from top to bottom and pour dirt and dust on each step to the bottom. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, use a vacuum cleaner to collect any remaining dust. For cleaning stone stairs, suitable detergents can be used, and for wooden stairs, special handkerchiefs can be used.

Cleaning of paved stairs

Paved stairs need to be swept from the beginning. Start cleaning again from the top. Even a vacuum cleaner can scatter dust around before sucking. Using a hand broom is the best way to clean the cracks in these stairs. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a series of vacuum cleaners for this purpose.

Clean stair railings

Fences also often pick up dust. You usually need to clean stairs and railings at least twice a month. You can use a damp cloth to do this, but be sure to dry the railings afterwards; because frequent moisture can cause rot and mold in fences.

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