Goals and Plans in Mental Health

Goals and Plans in Mental Health


Provide psychiatric medical services, inpatient and outpatient care to 25 male psychiatric patients belonging to the poor and vulnerable population.

Provide medical, psychiatric services, and you can hire the best Psychiatrists in Louisville KY, in-hospital, and outpatient care to 20 female psychiatric patients belonging to the poor and vulnerable population.

Provide health services in the care and rehabilitation of patients with Addictive Behaviors to Psychoactive Substances through a comprehensive care program to 33 female and male patients over 18 years of age, belonging to a poor and vulnerable population not covered with subsidies on demand and of those people affiliated with the SGSSS with events that are not covered.

Provide psychiatric medical services in the Mental Health Unit of the Hernando Moncaleano Hospital in Neiva for the comprehensive development of patients with mental and behavioral pathologies in the department of Huila.

Project goals

100% of the poor and vulnerable psychiatric and drug-dependent population not insured with a subsidy to demand and population insured to the subsidized regime with NO POS-S events, of Huila with comprehensive care, by requiring health services.

What are the services offered?

The Department of Health Secretary, through the Hernando Moncaleano University Hospital, wants to contribute to the integral development of patients with mental and behavioral pathologies in the department of Huila.

The population with mental pathology in its great generality has been displaced and marginalized by their families and by the different processes of social participation; However, at present, there is an interest of the State in providing better options for treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up to the problems that this type of pathologies is causing in the Colombian population.

Among the services currently offered in the Mental Health Unit of the Hospital Universitario de Neiva, there are all the evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention activities to people with mental illness from an interdisciplinary approach, developing the following activities:

Promotion and Prevention Program

Outpatient consultation program: Consultation for psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Medical consultations, Psychological Assessment, Assessment for social work, Individual Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy, Family Psychotherapy.

The Department of Health of Huila duly authorizes the Mental Health Unit. It complies with all the requirements that the regulations demand this type of service.

The general objective of the external consultation program: To provide comprehensive care to the population with mental illness and behavioral disorders due to the use, abuse, or dependence on psychoactive substances in the Department of Huila.

  1. Specific objectives of the external consultation program
  2. Expand health care coverage to the population with mental illness in Huila.
  3. Improve the quality and opportunity of access of the population with mental illness to health services of III and IV level of attention.
  4. Contribute to reducing the rate of onset of disability in Huila through health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
  5. To put at the service of Huila and other South Colombian Departments the best technology and human resources in rehabilitating patients with psychiatric pathology.
  6. Link mental disability rehabilitation processes to the public health network.
  7. Link the family nucleus in the comprehensive management of the mentally ill.
  8. Offer a concrete response for the inhabitants of the Department of Huila who present abuse of psychoactive and alcoholic substances through a program based on the Mixed Therapeutic community model (Professionals and Ex-addicts)
  9. Establish the necessary tools to facilitate the rehabilitation and full reintegration of people with addictive behaviors into the social and work environment.
  10. Have a locative, logistics, and technical infrastructure that allows the normal development of the program.
  11. Contracts for the provision of services

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