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Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

1 – Integrate Your Site into Communication Media

Many people tend to separate online and offline. In reality, the two communications must complement each other. To start promoting your website, you must highlight it on all your communication media: business cards, sales brochures, press releases, and press kits.

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Having a site may seem obvious to some. But still, too many businesses are not present online. Also, not all domain names are http://www.nameofcompany.com. This is why it is now imperative to highlight your website on your offline communication media, but not only! You most likely have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page, or even a Twitter account. Do not hesitate to integrate the URL of your website on your social networks and those of your brand. The more contact points you multiply, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website.

2 – Optimize Your Natural Referencing

A good website is not visible if Google does not reference it; that is to say, it does not appear in its search engine’s search results. To do this, there are two very distinct but complementary techniques: natural referencing and paid to reference, a concept that will be discussed below.

Optimizing natural referencing is a notoriety strategy that allows you to set up long-lasting online marketing. Indeed, this technique is built over the long term. SEO can span several months or even years. But the real advantage it has is its strength. A well-referenced site naturally acquires first page positions on Google. It is very rare for a web page to tumble into the last pages within a few days. Natural referencing (or SEO) is, therefore, a stable, economical, and sustainable technique.

3 – Produce Content for a Blog

More and more companies are starting a blog. This web marketing tool not only allows you to highlight your know-how and your expertise in a sector but, above all, to work on the natural referencing of your website.

One of the essential criteria evaluated by the Google robot when ranking for the SERP (search results) is the content. This content must be relevant, informative for readers, and optimized for SEO thanks to internal and external links to your site and the integration of strategic keywords on which you want to position yourself.

Producing quality content for your business blog, therefore, allows you to promote your website. For this, it is possible to integrate links in your articles that refer to your website. This traffic will be all the more qualified.

4 – Produce Videos and Infographics

If textual content makes it possible to enrich a website and create new entry points thanks to search engines, it is no longer sufficient today. Demanding Internet users are demanding more variety in content, both in substance and in form. This is an opportunity to market your site further. Among the popular rich content are video and infographics. These two levers share many advantages:

  • Very synthetic format than a long blog article
  • Fun content that makes it easier to memorize information, the message or simply that entertains Internet users
  • High potential for virility (sharing on social networks, etc.)
  • Relay on dedicated platforms like YouTube (video) or Pinterest (infographic)
  • Obtaining a more modern and connected brand image
  • Widening the audience – 18/25-year-olds are very consumers of video content

5 – Integrate Email Marketing

Can you imagine that email is an outdated communication channel? Yet he is far from dead. Thanks to the collection and analysis of data, it has never been easier to create personalized emailing campaigns and obtain an excellent investment return. Easy to set up, inexpensive via dedicated solutions, it can meet all commercial or marketing objectives: create links with your contacts, distribute your brand content more widely, invite your prospects or customers to events, offer tailor-made commercial offers… An essential tool for publicizing your website, email marketing offers excellent deliverability and real-time monitoring of results (open rate, number of clicks, click rate on each link, tracking of visits to the site…).

6 – Use Paid Referencing

The paid search, or SEA, is to use SEO techniques, therefore require a financial investment, but the results are almost immediate. Thanks to tools like Google AdWords, it is possible to buy keywords, which amounts to buying your presence in the first Google search results.

Paid SEO is an expensive but quick strategy to promote your website on the web. It allows you to generate traffic very quickly and start collecting contacts from your prospects. On the other hand, to work on your online notoriety in the long term, it is preferable to supplement a paid referencing strategy with a natural referencing strategy.

7 – Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing is THE ID card for your business on Google and is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic. This business directory is very often included in search results. When people type in your company name or keywords related to your business, you will likely bring up your Google My Business listing. Create your file now and add as much information as possible: website, address, opening hours, events, commercial offers, photos.