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Content marketing has many attributes whose role goes beyond digital marketing. A business needs to focus half of its efforts on posting new topics. The other half should be focused on sharing the content that has been created.

There are many ways to amplify your content online. For example, you can create email marketing campaigns, join digital communities, or post topics on forums. However, sharing on social media is arguably the most effective way to reach your target audience, increase traffic and improve visibility. So how do you encourage users and influencers to share your content?

You are lucky; we have prepared some tips and tricks for you to encourage Internet users to share your posts. The benefits are manifold, so read on if you’re curious about which strategies to use.

Here is how to increase the sharing of your content on social media!

Sharing on social networks is give and take

When you’re in the early days of content creation, don’t think that posting compelling, well-articulated information is enough to get people to share it. Granted, this is the first step, but more importantly, you need to invest your time and energy in building relationships and sharing content with others before getting any feedback back. Your ability to promote your content will largely depend on how you relate to the world around you on social media.

Share the publications of experts and influencers in your industry; this is one of the best ways to increase your visibility and website traffic. If you are successful in engaging important people or businesses, you will build a strong network for yourself, which will benefit the content you seek to promote. Above all, don’t fool yourself into thinking that visibility and fame will happen overnight. When it comes time to share content with your followers, be consistent. The more consistent content you share, the easier it will be to share it with you.

In most cases, the professionals in your industry will have no reason to share your posts unless you can successfully engage them and they want to establish a partnership. Make it easier for Internet users to quickly share your publications and add share buttons to your website. Also, it is important to select your social networks according to your field of activity. If your target audience spends a lot of time on Facebook, make the Facebook share button visible and accessible.

Get creative

There is a lot of content online. Therefore, it is essential to be tactical and creative when you share influencers’ posts, hoping that they do the same with yours. For your posts to stand out and be shared, you need to consider an approach that helps you connect with your audience. A good technique is to use your platforms to teach people how your content is useful.

For example, you can use a blog or set up advertisements to present your business or promote your services. This tactic is a great way to build relationships and even get the attention of mentors you admire and respect who are part of your industry.

Investigate and communicate

A little investigation doesn’t hurt anyone. It could be necessary to achieve its goals in terms of sharing on social media. Asking their network to share their content doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll broadcast what you want them to share. There is a good way to request that posts be shared across various platforms. First, target the elements, including creative people and influencers in your field.

Do you have content that could be of added value for their audience? This is an important point to be aware of when delivering other people’s content and when offering your content to share. Remember that a lack of content sharing could undermine you, so it is essential to fix it.

You will benefit greatly if influencers or members of your professional community share your content in their posts. In return, don’t forget to mention their ideas, comments, or thoughts in your future posts. However, this practice should not be abused so as not to lose your originality. Instead, make sure you understand how to conduct tactical and playful actions. If you find a way to engage users before you share their content, there’s a good chance you’ve achieved your goal by cultivating interesting relationships.

Think strategy

You will understand that creating specific and strategic partnerships is one of the main ways to share content on your network. Moreover, there is a good chance that people or companies are looking to make connections in their activity sector. This is all the more true for companies with which you are not directly in competition. It would be interesting to approach them while ensuring to create partnerships based on positivity, visibility, and sharing.

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Creating a strong and creative brand identity is an essential step in the success of a business. Your brand must convey the right message while targeting its target audience precisely. If you follow the right steps to build awareness of your brand, your business visibility will see exponential growth.

Of course, start-ups and new businesses sometimes struggle to start when creating and building a profitable brand. There are many facets to consider, and you’ll want to take the right steps to increase your business’s longevity and positive results.

Discover five basic tips for developing a brand image

Know your target audience

When it comes time to develop a brand image, a lot of time, effort and money come into play. Therefore, the most important aspect of building a brand image is responding to the question, “which is the target audience of my business?” “. Understanding the needs of your customer base will help you create a brand image that reaches your audience.

Knowing your customers’ tastes is one of the many things to consider when creating a brand image that is both attractive and unique. As a general rule, a ‘branding’ and design should be developed which speaks to the ideal consumer and considers the brand as an individual.

What would they like to communicate about your business to the world around them, and how would they communicate? By building a brand identity that is attractive, compelling, and clear in its purpose, you will have more chances to increase your visibility while gaining many followers.

How to define your company’s brand image

Once you have determined who you are talking to, you will need to start working on the brand’s details and characteristics. One of the most important aspects of brand building is staying consistent, and doing that, you need to define the who, what, when, and why of your business. Make sure you have a clear mission or mandate that you respect.

This mission will be used to describe both the vision and the goals of your business. With a clearly stated goal, your customers will be able to know exactly what to expect when they contact you. Staying consistent with your mandate and all the visual aspects of your brand image is a key element for your business’s success.

Customer recognition will only occur if you build a strong visual aesthetic in harmony with the rest of the brand characteristics.

Above all, your branding and your brand’s design will need to reflect the tone you want to adopt. Do your research to learn about current design trends and find a way to incorporate some of these elements into your brand’s style without going overboard, of course. Plus, find effective ways to get your message out, too.

You will need a lot of time and energy to research, work on a logo and website, and promote it all.

However, if you fail to communicate your message consistently, these efforts will either be in vain or less effective than you might expect. To build a successful brand, it will be important that you understand your market segment well and use that knowledge to get your message across.

Visual brand identity: design, color, and logos

The first consumer interaction with your brand is through your visual identity and logo. This is very important in the branding process, and it is often the first thing your customers will associate with your brand. Therefore, you should try to create a good first impression. There are several other aspects to consider when designing a logo, including color, shape, typography, and adaptability.

Color may seem like a mundane aspect, but it’s worth paying attention to. Humans respond strongly to visual stimuli, and therefore the color of your logo plays an important role in the reaction it will seek from consumers. Additionally, the tone and shade of each color will impact how the public will view your business.

Each color is associated with different symbolism and feelings, so it is worth doing your research or working with a professional designer who can help you design your logo while building a brand that has a strong identity.

When designing a logo, another point to remember is to think long-term, asking yourself if your logo will still be relevant ten years from now. Also, think about the ways your logo will be used, whether online or in real life, on billboards, in magazines, stationery accessories, automobiles, etc.

You will want to create something that is both original and adaptable to be used in several ways.

Communicate beyond your logo

Having a good logo is essential, and many companies confuse branding and logo. It’s important to distinguish between the two. More specifically, the brand corresponds to the personalization of your business. Remember when it was said that you have to see your brand as a person?

This is important because your brand should express why you do what you do and present the reasons that make you unique.

There will always be other companies like yours, but you differentiate yourself and characterize your brand image. Consider creating a slogan to associate your name and logo directly with your branding. This should directly communicate the benefits of your products and services.

Brand integration: how it works

Now that you have developed and thought about your brand, you are ready to integrate it into your community. The content you create acts as a seller, a store, and a marketing department for your company. Everything you post helps define your brand.

The language used should match your brand personality, and your business should use a carefully crafted tone. It would be helpful if you also built a narrative model so that your audience knows who you are.

People love stories that they can relate to, especially ones where they can build an emotional connection. Therefore, the tone employed by your business should be tailored to match the personality of your business. Thus, you will build a solid foundation from which you can build relationships with new customers. Use social media as best you can because these platforms offer some free advertising.

This is a great way to connect with your consumers, and you can try them all out to see which platform works best for your brand. Finally, social networks are used to speak directly to customers, new and old. Very often, this will have a positive impact on your reputation.

Study your brand data

It cannot be repeated enough: your brand’s design and branding are key elements in your business’s success. Of course, it’s hard to know what you’re doing right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t. Thus, it is suggested that you do a / b testing and track performance data that will allow you to measure interactions and reactions to your brand.

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What can be the purpose of a website?

Contrary to what one might think, it is not easy to formulate a single answer to such a question.

However, for most marketers, the role of an effective site is to allow a continuation of the conversation with visitors who have initially agreed to receive some form of communication from you.

In this way, it becomes possible to focus attention on the most interesting leads and convert them into customers.

Suppose lead generation is one of the main missions of a website. In that case, the conversion rate turns out to be a metric of crucial importance for SMEs – particularly SaaS – since it allows to know if the proposal of the value matches the expectations of prospects and customers.

That being said, improving the conversion rate is not innate, and the objective of this article is to present you with the eight keys that should allow you to achieve it.

Remember that if the website optimization is done enough, it will result in a noticeable gain in your marketing strategy’s effectiveness.


To address this first key success factor, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors for a moment, asking yourself why (s) they should prioritize it over your competitors.

From this answer, you will be able to establish an unambiguous value proposition. As Kissmetrics indicates, the most efficient websites in terms of conversion rates precisely communicate about their products/services.

This is a very important point, simple to implement. Yet, we still find it often neglected, resulting in the premature departure of a significant volume of leads.


This second tip derives directly from the previous one. Once again, you must ask yourself what your visitors expect to adapt the content – especially the calls-to-action – to respond to their expectations.

In concrete terms, be careful not to use too many generic formulas for calls-to-action to favor more tailor-made proposals, which have a much better chance of generating more leads from your site.


How many mandatory fields must a visitor to your site completely if they want to subscribe to the newsletter or download a document requiring that they have previously opened an account?

It is perfectly understandable from a good marketer that he is in the perpetual quest for more data on his buyer’s persona. However, your visitors are looking for almost instant gratification; in short, what they want from you, they want it without delay!

Also, the rise of smartphones is indisputable in terms of a Web access terminal, or do you imagine your leads taking the time to fill in 20 or more fields from the small screen of their mobile phone??

Neither do we, so to maximize your conversion rate, don’t hesitate to shorten your forms, which will reduce the “entry barriers” to your site.


In terms of writing and at the risk of disappointing you, intellectual honesty requires us to confirm that this is not an exact science. The way you detail your services, news, moods and present yourself on an institutional level strongly depends on the target audience.

It remains true that if many Internet users do not read an article after reading it, watch its title in hand in two seconds. This is explained precisely because the latter has not been able to capture enough of their attention.

Through carefully chosen titles – and, why not, previously tested with a representative sample – you must quickly convince your readers that they are in the right place and that they have every interest in continuing to learn about your content.


When it comes to a website, no doubt you have heard – or sooner or later will hear – a self-proclaimed expert tell you that the home page is the keystone of the whole structure, and that ‘as such, it is the one that has the most importance on your site.

The reality turns out to be much more nuanced; however, a blog can also serve as a remarkably effective entry point.

What is more, be aware that positioning relevant offers on your ten most visited pages will result in an almost mechanical increase in your conversion rate.

You want an example: Say, on a page, you wrote a piece of “x ways to generate more leads from Twitter”. The theory is known as “content upgrade” means that if you add, on the same page, a more complete and detailed manual so that your visitors who want it can go even further, you are maximizing your chances of this download being performed frequently.


What are people saying about your business?

This is an extremely important question. Indeed, you can scream your lungs from the rooftops whatever you want, in fine, the best proof of your skills lies in the positive feedback from your customers.

Accordingly, we encourage you to include these testimonials in full or as a few quotes, and you will have an additional element to maximize your conversion rate.

As for the less positive comment, do not neglect them!

Provide answers that are both asked and argued to demonstrate that you will not leave negative comments unanswered. In this regard, do not forget the saying “who does not say word consent”.


According to HubSpot, which is based on several gaze tracking studies on the web, we know that people are more interested in articles and posts that have one visual – or more.

Better yet, if the images appear consistent with the text, visitors spend more time observing these visuals than reading the text itself. It is also for this reason that infographics have a very important impact when it comes to lead generation.


A statistic alone should convince you of the added value of a video in terms of lead conversion.

Are you ready?

So let’s go: when a page has an interesting video – that is, in keeping with the rest of the page’s theme and done well – it can increase the conversion rate by up to around 80%.

This performance is remarkable; it is well worth developing said videos, from script to filming. In any case, while we often talk about improving the user experience, all the surveys show that a well-made video is always highly appreciated by visitors.

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My ten tips to improve the natural referencing of your site (SEO)

Making quality content is great, but if you want to appear in Google results by positioning yourself at the top of the page, you also need to work on your SEO!

Here are my ten tips to put in place to work on the natural referencing of your site. If you follow them, it will have a real impact on your communication strategy:

Search engines like Google have little bots that work around the clock. They go to all online websites to classify them to offer them as search results to Internet users. A search engine’s job is to find the most precise and qualitative answer for the Internet user. So that’s why, in addition to writing content for your readers, you will also learn to write for search engine robots.

1.   Work on keywords

You will first need to determine the keywords or key phrases from which you want Internet users to come across your website.

2.   Have a RESPONSIVE website

Today, more than half of our Internet searches are done from our smartphones. As a Beyond For personal computers, tablets, and phones, Byond is expected to be compatible.

3.   Illustrate with optimized images

Having images on your website improves the user experience. However, if the images are incorrectly inserted on the website, they can become penalized by the search engines.

Here are my tips for your images:

  • Convert your images to PNG
  • Rename your images to lowercase and no accent using keywords.
  • Complete the alt text with keywords, accents, and capital letters.
  • Reduce the size of these images.
  • Use software that optimizes images while maintaining quality, like Imagify, for example.

4.   Use titles and subheadings

To improve the readability of your pages, use H2 headings and H3 heading to segment your paragraphs. It is pleasant for the readers and is one of the good points for the search engines.

5.   Respect a minimum number of words per page

Even though Internet users hook more with a page with images and videos, search engines need to see words on a page to analyze if the content matches the Internet user’s search.

We consider that the more words there are, the better search engines will reference the page in question. Try to set yourself a minimum number of 600 – 900 words per page.

6.   Work on the tree structure of the site

As for search engines, everything is more key for Internet users when they have a well-designed tree structure with pages and subpages.

It is also very important to create many internal links between the pages and subpages of your site.

7.   Take into account the confidence index

Quality back-links increase this confidence index.

What is a back-link?

This is the link from your website that appears on another site.

How can we know if it is of quality?

The site that refers to your website must be well referenced.

8.   Secure your website

It is extremely important to keep your website safe from spam and hackers. The more secure your site, the better it will be referenced!

9.   Register your site in the Google Search Console

This allows you to see how the robots are analyzing your site and 404 or 303 pages! You will then be able to conduct redirects, and your natural referencing will be enhanced by this.

10.  Place a cover

This optimizes your website’s loading speed, which directly affects the natural referencing of your website.

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Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

1 – Integrate Your Site into Communication Media

Many people tend to separate online and offline. In reality, the two communications must complement each other. To start promoting your website, you must highlight it on all your communication media: business cards, sales brochures, press releases, and press kits.

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Having a site may seem obvious to some. But still, too many businesses are not present online. Also, not all domain names are This is why it is now imperative to highlight your website on your offline communication media, but not only! You most likely have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page, or even a Twitter account. Do not hesitate to integrate the URL of your website on your social networks and those of your brand. The more contact points you multiply, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website.

2 – Optimize Your Natural Referencing

A good website is not visible if Google does not reference it; that is to say, it does not appear in its search engine’s search results. To do this, there are two very distinct but complementary techniques: natural referencing and paid to reference, a concept that will be discussed below.

Optimizing natural referencing is a notoriety strategy that allows you to set up long-lasting online marketing. Indeed, this technique is built over the long term. SEO can span several months or even years. But the real advantage it has is its strength. A well-referenced site naturally acquires first page positions on Google. It is very rare for a web page to tumble into the last pages within a few days. Natural referencing (or SEO) is, therefore, a stable, economical, and sustainable technique.

3 – Produce Content for a Blog

More and more companies are starting a blog. This web marketing tool not only allows you to highlight your know-how and your expertise in a sector but, above all, to work on the natural referencing of your website.

One of the essential criteria evaluated by the Google robot when ranking for the SERP (search results) is the content. This content must be relevant, informative for readers, and optimized for SEO thanks to internal and external links to your site and the integration of strategic keywords on which you want to position yourself.

Producing quality content for your business blog, therefore, allows you to promote your website. For this, it is possible to integrate links in your articles that refer to your website. This traffic will be all the more qualified.

4 – Produce Videos and Infographics

If textual content makes it possible to enrich a website and create new entry points thanks to search engines, it is no longer sufficient today. Demanding Internet users are demanding more variety in content, both in substance and in form. This is an opportunity to market your site further. Among the popular rich content are video and infographics. These two levers share many advantages:

  • Very synthetic format than a long blog article
  • Fun content that makes it easier to memorize information, the message or simply that entertains Internet users
  • High potential for virility (sharing on social networks, etc.)
  • Relay on dedicated platforms like YouTube (video) or Pinterest (infographic)
  • Obtaining a more modern and connected brand image
  • Widening the audience – 18/25-year-olds are very consumers of video content

5 – Integrate Email Marketing

Can you imagine that email is an outdated communication channel? Yet he is far from dead. Thanks to the collection and analysis of data, it has never been easier to create personalized emailing campaigns and obtain an excellent investment return. Easy to set up, inexpensive via dedicated solutions, it can meet all commercial or marketing objectives: create links with your contacts, distribute your brand content more widely, invite your prospects or customers to events, offer tailor-made commercial offers… An essential tool for publicizing your website, email marketing offers excellent deliverability and real-time monitoring of results (open rate, number of clicks, click rate on each link, tracking of visits to the site…).

6 – Use Paid Referencing

The paid search, or SEA, is to use SEO techniques, therefore require a financial investment, but the results are almost immediate. Thanks to tools like Google AdWords, it is possible to buy keywords, which amounts to buying your presence in the first Google search results.

Paid SEO is an expensive but quick strategy to promote your website on the web. It allows you to generate traffic very quickly and start collecting contacts from your prospects. On the other hand, to work on your online notoriety in the long term, it is preferable to supplement a paid referencing strategy with a natural referencing strategy.

7 – Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing is THE ID card for your business on Google and is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic. This business directory is very often included in search results. When people type in your company name or keywords related to your business, you will likely bring up your Google My Business listing. Create your file now and add as much information as possible: website, address, opening hours, events, commercial offers, photos.

What is Java Technology

Why Do I Need Java and What is Java Technology

Java is a programming language and a computer platform that was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Various applications and websites do not work if Java is not installed, and their number keeps growing every day. Java is fast, secure, and trustworthy. From laptops to data hubs, from game consoles to scientific supercomputers, from cell phones to the Internet, Java technology is present on all fronts!
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Why Do I Need to Upgrade to The Latest Version Of Java?

The latest version of Java includes significant performance, stability, and security improvements for Java applications running on your computer. Installing this free update ensures that Java applications always run safely and efficiently.

Additional Technical Information

What Will I Have Access to by Downloading The Java Software?

When you download the Java software, you have access to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This environment consists of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), standard Java Platform classes, and supporting Java libraries. The JRE environment is the runtime portion of Java software and allows you to run the Java software in your web browser.

What is The Java Plug-In?

The Java plug-in is a component of the JRE environment. The latter allows applets written in the Java programming language to be executed in different browsers. The Java plug-in is not a stand-alone program and cannot be installed separately.

I Have Come Across the Terms “Java Virtual Machine” And “JVM”. Is This Java Software?

The Java Virtual Machine is only a part of the Java software, related to the interaction with the Web. It is included in the Java software download and allows the execution of Java applications.

Uses and Applications of Javascript

JavaScript can make a webpage dynamic, and we can also create special effects on webpages like tipping, deploying, and many kinds of graphics. These would leave an astonishing impression on the minds of users. For example, for flash content on a web page to run in a web browser, JavaScript must be enabled. JavaScript is mainly used in all websites for validation purposes. The validation would relate to a contact form or a registration form where a user fills all the information. The page must validate the data filled in, and this validation can be done with JavaScript other than the web scripting languages server side. JavaScript is compatible with web pages, but it also supports external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, Flash application support, etc.

JavaScript has improved a lot now and continues to progress as needed and support. Based on JavaScript, many frameworks and virtual machines are developed and have also increased the popularity of its new features for the web scripts server-side. JavaScript has developed so much in the web industry that it is successful, and if you look at the current web trend and no web technology doesn’t use JavaScript. For example, AJAX and JQuery, as AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a very important role and JQuery, provides the library with predefined functions to add animations and many dynamic features to web pages and AJAX and JQuery are some of the current web trends in dynamic website design and development.

JavaScript is not only limited to client-side web scripts but also has stepped in server-side web scripts, namely NODE.JS (JS package for server-side scripts). It also allows us to create server-side scripts and build real applications. Increasingly, JavaScript has great popularity and use in the web world, and it continues to advance with the advancing web trend.

How to Improve the Exterior of your Home

How to Improve the Exterior of your Home

The exterior of your home sets the tone for what’s on the inside. Therefore, you want the appearance of the facade to be first class, especially if you are trying to sell your house. Or, you might want to enhance the curb appeal of your home just for your enjoyment, as well as that of your guests.

With that in your mind, here are six easy, inexpensive ways to make your home a lot more attractive when seen from the street.
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1. Maintain the Lawn

Lawns are often the basis for all other aspects of the appearance of a house facade. Unfortunately, it is also the element that requires the most time and human resources. However, by keeping control of the lawn, its management is much easier. If you don’t have enough time to manage your lawn, you can invest in other solutions, such as shrub beds, ground covers, or a xerophilic garden.

2. Think about Symmetry

You can use symmetry in your facade to draw the attention of the passer-by to focal points, such as a newly painted front door. You can also use it to make your facade look more organized and harmonized. You can create a symmetrical appearance by placing potted plants or matching lights on either side of your front door.

3. Showcase the Door

Your main door can offer much more than just a point of entry – it can be an main part of your home’s curb appeal. You can make your door stand out with a new coat of paint. You can choose a neutral color or if you want to give your home some character, paint it dark red or blue. If you decide to paint your door, it’s also a good idea to exchange the hardware, with a new coat of paint, your door will look tired if you keep the same old rusty doorknob. Replace it with a new brass or another metal handle.

4. Balance your Landscaping

On a related note, consider improving the balance of your landscaping. You will want to choose plants that complement each other over the seasons. For example, if you have bulbs whose leaves turn yellow after flowering, you can choose a plant that will hide them from view at the right time. Also, try to choose plants that in height, color, and texture complement each other.

5. The Nocturnal Effect

Why go to so much trouble to improve the curb appeal of your facade if you can’t see it at night? If you don’t already have lanterns, pendant lights, or outdoor sconces, consider adding more, especially if you’re trying to sell your home. You can also use solar-powered lights along the driveways and your parking lot, as well as under trees, to emphasize their shape at night.

6. Pull out the Garage Door

If your garage door leaves a little to be desired, it may not always need to be replaced – an expensive solution. A good wash with a pressure washer can work wonders. Otherwise, depending on the material of your garage door, a new coat of paint or stain.

Are you ready to improve the appearance of your home’s facade? If so, keep these six tips in mind and get started today!

What added values for the B2B market?

What added values for the B2B market?

1. Overview of the main social networks


Undoubtedly the best known of all, at least for the general public. With more than 30 million monthly active users in France, Facebook is well ahead of social networks in terms of subscribers. We’re talking about mass media here. A few years ago, advertisers on Facebook primarily targeted consumers in B2C communication campaigns. However, as the line between professional and personal life is increasingly blurred, professional pages perform very well on the platform.


B2B social network number 1 for several years, LinkedIn holds an important place in the landscape of social networks, with more than 10 million monthly users in France. The e-reputation of a company very often passes through this social network, which makes it possible in particular to improve its notoriety by the sharing of information and detailed articles. Essentially focused on the professional side, this social network makes it possible to reach users who wish to obtain detailed information on certain companies.


Twitter has managed to do well, with more than 10 million users per month in France. The primary benefit of this social network is instantaneity. Indeed, a professional company has the possibility of communicating on certain subjects and of having an almost immediate return on behalf of the Net surfers. Hashtags also make it possible to surf the buzz of the moment, and some brands with experts in Community Management manage to get people talking about them in this way.


The social network in full swing in recent months, with already more than 12 million monthly users in France! With more and more users, Instagram is gaining ground over its main competitors. Essentially focused on the visual, with the possibility of sharing photos and videos, this social network also makes it possible to capture immediate feedback. Like Twitter, instantaneity is Instagram’s great strength, with the ability to share information more visually and be close to Internet users.


The video hosting site is the world leader in its category, with over 20 million monthly users. For professionals, YouTube makes it possible to publish videos and establish real proximity to their community. Since video is a fashionable format, many influencers make the platform and Internet users happy. Indeed, the video can be viewed on all types of screens – including smartphones – and can be easily shared, with a strong potential for virality.

2. Build an effective business strategy on social networks

Definition of targets

The content must agree with the audience, regardless of the networks of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan chosen. Thus, the first step of an effective business strategy on social networks is to define the targets. And this applies all the more in the context of a B2B market. The most important thing is to know your prospects well, to draw a typical portrait, and to define the social network (s) to target as a priority.

Choose the relevant social networks

After having defined the typical portrait that a company wishes to reach on each social network, a crucial step takes place. Indeed, you have to find the right balance between being present on one or more social networks to ensure the regular production of relevant content.

Support can then be ideal for carrying out a complete audit. The analysis of what the competition offers or even of the habits of the typical portrait, including the information sought by your potential audience, can be all criteria on which to rely to define the social network (s) on which to work position.

Optimization of editorial strategy

The next step is the setting-up of a clear editorial strategy adapted to the chosen social networks. Each social network having its characteristics, communication on each of them cannot be identical. Thus, depending on the targets for each social network, it is necessary to define a type of support and a tone to adopt in its communication.

Where LinkedIn users are used to reading rather detailed articles, Twitter users seek to find the desired information in a few characters (140 maximum for years, 280 since late 2017). The editorial strategy must therefore take into account this type of criteria, with more powerful messages on the first social network cited, and concise and powerful messages on the second.

This analysis thus leads to a clear editorial schedule, containing all the information to be shared on the various social networks chosen, as well as their publication dates and times. Indeed, these two parameters can make all the difference, with “peak hours” on social networks, to be targeted as a priority to reach as many people as possible.

Performance measurement

What would an effective business strategy be without performance measurement? With the democratization of social networks, especially in marketing, many tools have emerged in recent years. They allow companies to analyze their results, such as the number of visits to their website from a particular social network. Other tools will enable you to plan publications on the various social networks or retrieve statistical data following a post.

3. Social networks: what contributions for a B2B company?

Visibility, e-reputation, and brand image

The first added value of setting up a good communication strategy on social networks is gaining visibility. Prospects and customers of a business can indeed find the information they are looking for and see the dynamism and modernity of a business.

Also, for several years and with the advent of social networks, a company’s e-reputation has been a key parameter. Taking control of its brand image on social networks allows a company to control the information shared in public and, therefore, to have control over its online reputation.

This digital notoriety can make the difference between several competitors, for example, in choosing a supplier within the framework of a B2B company. The implementation of a communication strategy on social networks makes it possible to share the positive elements of a company (news, achievements, material, etc.) and to establish the first link with customers and prospects.

Share your know-how to attract attention and reassure your targets

Also, in the context of improving a company’s reputation, social networks make it possible to disseminate certain information to share its know-how. Readable, interesting, and well-targeted content, according to the social network, makes it possible to share elements of its functioning, such as photos or videos of its production chain, its best practices, and expertise.

Depending on the elements chosen, a company can show what it can offer its customers. By sharing this type of content, it captures the attention of its target and redirects it to its website, potentially making it a new partner. It is also a way to reassure and establish a form of trust with its customers and prospects.

With increasingly impressive statistics (for example, more than 80% of French people regularly use one or more social networks), the field of possibilities is simply gigantic. Thus, a good communication strategy on social networks can make a difference, especially in certain industrial sectors where companies do not yet use it.


In a world in perpetual evolution and where the norm is to go towards the least expensive, loyalty appears more important. Social networks are a very good vector of allegiance, with the possibility of creating user communities.

First, social networks make it possible to set up a dialogue, whether through posts addressed to all the people who follow the company or through personalized exchanges.

Then, social networks make it possible to set up a visual identity specific to each company. This makes it possible to consolidate its brand by generating a base of interested contacts, by animating this community, and by encouraging the most fervent customers to become ambassadors.

Finally, social networks allow customers to be rewarded. Indeed, different campaigns can be set up to offer additional services or specific benefits to their community.

Improve natural referencing

The last and not the least stage is the contribution that social networks have on the natural referencing. Indeed, the traffic generated by a website from a social network is a very interesting asset for SEO.

Search engines are fond of this type of traffic because it proves, in the majority of cases, that a website is attractive to Internet users. In addition to increasing the traffic of a website, social networks are gaining more and more weight in the way search engines organize the results of certain searches.