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My ten tips to improve the natural referencing of your site (SEO)

Making quality content is great, but if you want to appear in Google results by positioning yourself at the top of the page, you also need to work on your SEO!

Here are my ten tips to put in place to work on the natural referencing of your site. If you follow them, it will have a real impact on your communication strategy:

Search engines like Google have little bots that work around the clock. They go to all online websites to classify them to offer them as search results to Internet users. A search engine’s job is to find the most precise and qualitative answer for the Internet user. So that’s why, in addition to writing content for your readers, you will also learn to write for search engine robots.

1.   Work on keywords

You will first need to determine the keywords or key phrases from which you want Internet users to come across your website.

2.   Have a RESPONSIVE website

Today, more than half of our Internet searches are done from our smartphones. As a Beyond For personal computers, tablets, and phones, Byond is expected to be compatible.

3.   Illustrate with optimized images

Having images on your website improves the user experience. However, if the images are incorrectly inserted on the website, they can become penalized by the search engines.

Here are my tips for your images:

  • Convert your images to PNG
  • Rename your images to lowercase and no accent using keywords.
  • Complete the alt text with keywords, accents, and capital letters.
  • Reduce the size of these images.
  • Use software that optimizes images while maintaining quality, like Imagify, for example.

4.   Use titles and subheadings

To improve the readability of your pages, use H2 headings and H3 heading to segment your paragraphs. It is pleasant for the readers and is one of the good points for the search engines.

5.   Respect a minimum number of words per page

Even though Internet users hook more with a page with images and videos, search engines need to see words on a page to analyze if the content matches the Internet user’s search.

We consider that the more words there are, the better search engines will reference the page in question. Try to set yourself a minimum number of 600 – 900 words per page.

6.   Work on the tree structure of the site

As for search engines, everything is more key for Internet users when they have a well-designed tree structure with pages and subpages.

It is also very important to create many internal links between the pages and subpages of your site.

7.   Take into account the confidence index

Quality back-links increase this confidence index.

What is a back-link?

This is the link from your website that appears on another site.

How can we know if it is of quality?

The site that refers to your website must be well referenced.

8.   Secure your website

It is extremely important to keep your website safe from spam and hackers. The more secure your site, the better it will be referenced!

9.   Register your site in the Google Search Console

This allows you to see how the robots are analyzing your site and 404 or 303 pages! You will then be able to conduct redirects, and your natural referencing will be enhanced by this.

10.  Place a cover

This optimizes your website’s loading speed, which directly affects the natural referencing of your website.

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