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Google AdWords or Facebook Ads for your Internet advertising and marketing?

You are a landscaper, springtime is coming close to, and you require to improve your activity as well as locate new clients for this crucial duration for your organization. To connect in your area in your geographical location and also locate new consumers, the Internet is necessary today. Google as well as Facebook are both significant media in Net marketing.

In your landscaping activity, should you connect more on Google or Facebook? Or to play the complementarity in between the two media? To assist you in your regional interaction approach online, we offer the differences in between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Offered your specificities as a landscaping company, your objectives, your communication budget, which display project would be the very best selection? To understand, visit this site.

Just How Google as well as Facebook target your future customers?

Google as well as Facebook targeting Google and Facebook do not have the very same strategy to aid you contact or be gotten in touch with by your future clients through your advertisements. Google shows its ads based on questions and key words typed by Net customers on its internet search engine. Facebook’s advertising system is based on Net customers’ typology, among which your target consumers are.

Just How does Google AdWords make you visible to leads seeking a landscaping company?

Posting an advertisement on Google consists of looking for to place yourself complying with a search carried out by the Web individual. Internet users are potentially thinking about your services given that they are searching for info on your landscaping activity. Your Google AdWords advertising and marketing will for that reason be fixated your geographical location, your tasks, your uniqueness, the advantages you use over various other providers.

You will be able to accomplish different campaigns according to your tasks’ seasonality and also your knowledge (job production, landscape design of gardens or terraces, etc.) and also according to your organization’s requirements as well as objectives.

Creating AdWords ads need to be finished with care. That’s the work of the website traffic supervisor.

Just How do Facebook Advertisements target your possible customers?

A Facebook project should be centered on a customer account (man/woman, residing in a particular city, age, purchasing power, recreation, residing in a home or even thinking about building monitoring, etc.).

Individuals to whom Facebook will certainly press your advertisements are not always in a look for a landscaper. Provided their profile, they are most likely to be after reading your ad on Facebook. The stamina of Facebook Advertisements hinges on its targeting power. A plethora of standards can be taken into account to finest target the recipient of your advertising message.

We observe, nonetheless, that the choice to employ a landscaping company is even more of a thoughtful act. Google AdWords will therefore be a lot more pertinent for your neighborhood promotions on the Internet in your landscaping task.

Google or Facebook: which medium is the most rewarding?

KING Who says advertising, states budget plan! The allocate a Facebook advertising campaign is not the same as the allocate a Google marketing campaign.

Yet past the spending plan, it is the advertising ROI that fascinates you in top priority. How many leads and sales did you get?

The budget plan of a Facebook marketing campaign for a VSE/ SME

The expense per click on Google AdWords can vary widely. In specific fields of activity as well as very affordable sectors, the CPC can increase very high, sometimes approximately 100 $ per click! If these are exemptions, to get great outcomes, the CPC is nevertheless fairly high.

The spending plan of a Facebook ad campaign for a VSE/ SME

CPCs on Facebook Advertisements are less than on Google AdWords. The US average is in between 0.16 $ as well as 0.21 $ per click.

Pertaining to the advertising and marketing budget, the benefit might most likely to Facebook, and the typical CPC has a tendency to be reduced on Facebook Advertisements than on Google AdWords. Nevertheless, which one is the most rewarding for you?

Even if a click prices less on Facebook Ads does not mean that it will be a lot more rewarding for your organization. Completion goal of your advertisement invest is not to get one of the most clicks however to connect with prospects that you turn into clients.

So Facebook Advertisements or Google AdWords?

The option between Facebook as well as AdWords is not a conclusive one. What works at time might not operate at time. It will all depend on your firm’s needs, your concerns, and also your target clients. They can transform over AdWords and also Facebook ads partnership time.

Likewise, the joint use of the two interaction channels makes it possible to establish sophisticated advertising techniques that can boost your service’s efficiency online.

For your landscaping company, it seems much more interesting to begin with an ad campaign using Google AdWords to reach your potential customers at different phases of their acquiring procedure, to be existing when you have the most chance of transforming them. The financial investment made will undoubtedly be more crucial as well as your ROI as well!

You might after that take a test on Facebook. This permits you to expand your market and also appear in the eyes of other potential leads who are not in the process of getting. Various other communication opportunities outside the advertisement additionally feed on Facebook. Producing a page, as an example, will certainly allow you to create a neighborhood of profiles curious about your activities.

On the Internet, it is important to check various options at various times in your organization advancement. In the short term, as a result of your springtime activity peak, pick an AdWords project. And when you have even more time, prepare your Facebook campaign with the recommendations of your web traffic manager.

International presence strategy on social networks

Social networks have experienced spectacular growth in recent years. Many American consumers now wish to interact with their favorite brands, and social media is proving to be a tool perfectly suited to fulfill this objective. With nearly 1.5 billion people on social networks, implementing a relevant international strategy can be a complex task.

It is still common to see that some companies that want to develop their presence on social networks are content to apply the same tactics in different countries to communicate via social media marketing services, which can be counterproductive. A common mistake is to assume that what works in one market can be adopted and applied as is in another country. For example, a campaign that has given good results in Italy with Facebook, may be a failure in Great Britain. Practice shows us that it is difficult to use the same approach internationally, for the simple reason that the use of social networks by Internet users varies from country to country. The type of relationship that is established between the brand and the consumer, an element at the heart of communication via social networks, also depends heavily on culture, and will therefore evolve depending on the country and the positioning adopted by the brand.

Define the strategy

During the initial strategy definition phase, even before evaluating which social networks are the most suitable for a brand or a company, it will be necessary to analyze the culture and behavior of consumers in each of the countries of our interest. It will also be necessary to ensure the quality of the translations (LINK) that the campaigns are really adapted to the local culture, and thus gain the confidence of consumers.

Select the right tactics

Then, to develop an effective international strategy on social networks, it will be necessary to take into account the variations that exist in the use of a social network, and to ask why what works in one country may not work in another. Each country has its specificities, these differences will influence the strategy implemented. Twitter and Facebook are not always the best tools, and other social networks will sometimes be more appropriate in each of the different target markets. For example, Pinterest and Tumblr are popular social networks in the US, but is their use suitable for Italy or Germany? The positioning of the brand, which may vary from one country to another, should also be taken into account.

We can therefore see that instead of applying the same tactics indiscriminately in different countries, to create a winning strategy on international social networks, it will be necessary to define a framework common to all the target countries, and adapt the strategy at the level of each country. For example, we could set common objectives. Country-specific tactics will then be put in place to be able to achieve the objectives. It will also be necessary to create indicators allowing us to measure the success of the strategy in each of the targeted countries.

SMO should be part of your company’s best practice.

As it should be for SEO, you need to make sure that SMO is part of good practice within your company. It will therefore be useful to train different departments of the company (marketing, export, etc.) in these best practices, to ensure quality interaction with customers on the web.

The advantages of a comprehensive approach

There are many advantages to implementing a comprehensive strategy. In addition to increasing the number of your “fans” or “followers” around the world, you are able to achieve a higher level of engagement from the audiences you target by delivering locally relevant content. . The contact established during an action on social networks is the first step in a process aimed at obtaining the “conversion”, whether it is a sale, a request for information, a retweet …

 In addition, developing a presence on social networks on a global scale will necessarily lead to consolidating the marketing positioning of your brand in the countries that interest you, as well as improving your ranking in search engines, because these increasingly take into account the popularity of your brand on social media.

Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

Ten Techniques to Promote Your Website

1 – Integrate Your Site into Communication Media

Many people tend to separate online and offline. In reality, the two communications must complement each other. To start promoting your website, you must highlight it on all your communication media: business cards, sales brochures, press releases, and press kits.

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Having a site may seem obvious to some. But still, too many businesses are not present online. Also, not all domain names are This is why it is now imperative to highlight your website on your offline communication media, but not only! You most likely have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook page, or even a Twitter account. Do not hesitate to integrate the URL of your website on your social networks and those of your brand. The more contact points you multiply, the more likely you are to get traffic to your website.

2 – Optimize Your Natural Referencing

A good website is not visible if Google does not reference it; that is to say, it does not appear in its search engine’s search results. To do this, there are two very distinct but complementary techniques: natural referencing and paid to reference, a concept that will be discussed below.

Optimizing natural referencing is a notoriety strategy that allows you to set up long-lasting online marketing. Indeed, this technique is built over the long term. SEO can span several months or even years. But the real advantage it has is its strength. A well-referenced site naturally acquires first page positions on Google. It is very rare for a web page to tumble into the last pages within a few days. Natural referencing (or SEO) is, therefore, a stable, economical, and sustainable technique.

3 – Produce Content for a Blog

More and more companies are starting a blog. This web marketing tool not only allows you to highlight your know-how and your expertise in a sector but, above all, to work on the natural referencing of your website.

One of the essential criteria evaluated by the Google robot when ranking for the SERP (search results) is the content. This content must be relevant, informative for readers, and optimized for SEO thanks to internal and external links to your site and the integration of strategic keywords on which you want to position yourself.

Producing quality content for your business blog, therefore, allows you to promote your website. For this, it is possible to integrate links in your articles that refer to your website. This traffic will be all the more qualified.

4 – Produce Videos and Infographics

If textual content makes it possible to enrich a website and create new entry points thanks to search engines, it is no longer sufficient today. Demanding Internet users are demanding more variety in content, both in substance and in form. This is an opportunity to market your site further. Among the popular rich content are video and infographics. These two levers share many advantages:

  • Very synthetic format than a long blog article
  • Fun content that makes it easier to memorize information, the message or simply that entertains Internet users
  • High potential for virility (sharing on social networks, etc.)
  • Relay on dedicated platforms like YouTube (video) or Pinterest (infographic)
  • Obtaining a more modern and connected brand image
  • Widening the audience – 18/25-year-olds are very consumers of video content

5 – Integrate Email Marketing

Can you imagine that email is an outdated communication channel? Yet he is far from dead. Thanks to the collection and analysis of data, it has never been easier to create personalized emailing campaigns and obtain an excellent investment return. Easy to set up, inexpensive via dedicated solutions, it can meet all commercial or marketing objectives: create links with your contacts, distribute your brand content more widely, invite your prospects or customers to events, offer tailor-made commercial offers… An essential tool for publicizing your website, email marketing offers excellent deliverability and real-time monitoring of results (open rate, number of clicks, click rate on each link, tracking of visits to the site…).

6 – Use Paid Referencing

The paid search, or SEA, is to use SEO techniques, therefore require a financial investment, but the results are almost immediate. Thanks to tools like Google AdWords, it is possible to buy keywords, which amounts to buying your presence in the first Google search results.

Paid SEO is an expensive but quick strategy to promote your website on the web. It allows you to generate traffic very quickly and start collecting contacts from your prospects. On the other hand, to work on your online notoriety in the long term, it is preferable to supplement a paid referencing strategy with a natural referencing strategy.

7 – Create a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing is THE ID card for your business on Google and is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic. This business directory is very often included in search results. When people type in your company name or keywords related to your business, you will likely bring up your Google My Business listing. Create your file now and add as much information as possible: website, address, opening hours, events, commercial offers, photos.

What is Java Technology

Why Do I Need Java and What is Java Technology

Java is a programming language and a computer platform that was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Various applications and websites do not work if Java is not installed, and their number keeps growing every day. Java is fast, secure, and trustworthy. From laptops to data hubs, from game consoles to scientific supercomputers, from cell phones to the Internet, Java technology is present on all fronts!
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If you are building a nested or consumer appliance and want to integrate Java into it, contact Oracle for more information on how to include Java in your appliance.

Why Do I Need to Upgrade to The Latest Version Of Java?

The latest version of Java includes significant performance, stability, and security improvements for Java applications running on your computer. Installing this free update ensures that Java applications always run safely and efficiently.

Additional Technical Information

What Will I Have Access to by Downloading The Java Software?

When you download the Java software, you have access to the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This environment consists of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), standard Java Platform classes, and supporting Java libraries. The JRE environment is the runtime portion of Java software and allows you to run the Java software in your web browser.

What is The Java Plug-In?

The Java plug-in is a component of the JRE environment. The latter allows applets written in the Java programming language to be executed in different browsers. The Java plug-in is not a stand-alone program and cannot be installed separately.

I Have Come Across the Terms “Java Virtual Machine” And “JVM”. Is This Java Software?

The Java Virtual Machine is only a part of the Java software, related to the interaction with the Web. It is included in the Java software download and allows the execution of Java applications.

Uses and Applications of Javascript

JavaScript can make a webpage dynamic, and we can also create special effects on webpages like tipping, deploying, and many kinds of graphics. These would leave an astonishing impression on the minds of users. For example, for flash content on a web page to run in a web browser, JavaScript must be enabled. JavaScript is mainly used in all websites for validation purposes. The validation would relate to a contact form or a registration form where a user fills all the information. The page must validate the data filled in, and this validation can be done with JavaScript other than the web scripting languages server side. JavaScript is compatible with web pages, but it also supports external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, Flash application support, etc.

JavaScript has improved a lot now and continues to progress as needed and support. Based on JavaScript, many frameworks and virtual machines are developed and have also increased the popularity of its new features for the web scripts server-side. JavaScript has developed so much in the web industry that it is successful, and if you look at the current web trend and no web technology doesn’t use JavaScript. For example, AJAX and JQuery, as AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML in which JavaScript plays a very important role and JQuery, provides the library with predefined functions to add animations and many dynamic features to web pages and AJAX and JQuery are some of the current web trends in dynamic website design and development.

JavaScript is not only limited to client-side web scripts but also has stepped in server-side web scripts, namely NODE.JS (JS package for server-side scripts). It also allows us to create server-side scripts and build real applications. Increasingly, JavaScript has great popularity and use in the web world, and it continues to advance with the advancing web trend.

What added values for the B2B market?

What added values for the B2B market?

1. Overview of the main social networks


Undoubtedly the best known of all, at least for the general public. With more than 30 million monthly active users in France, Facebook is well ahead of social networks in terms of subscribers. We’re talking about mass media here. A few years ago, advertisers on Facebook primarily targeted consumers in B2C communication campaigns. However, as the line between professional and personal life is increasingly blurred, professional pages perform very well on the platform.


B2B social network number 1 for several years, LinkedIn holds an important place in the landscape of social networks, with more than 10 million monthly users in France. The e-reputation of a company very often passes through this social network, which makes it possible in particular to improve its notoriety by the sharing of information and detailed articles. Essentially focused on the professional side, this social network makes it possible to reach users who wish to obtain detailed information on certain companies.


Twitter has managed to do well, with more than 10 million users per month in France. The primary benefit of this social network is instantaneity. Indeed, a professional company has the possibility of communicating on certain subjects and of having an almost immediate return on behalf of the Net surfers. Hashtags also make it possible to surf the buzz of the moment, and some brands with experts in Community Management manage to get people talking about them in this way.


The social network in full swing in recent months, with already more than 12 million monthly users in France! With more and more users, Instagram is gaining ground over its main competitors. Essentially focused on the visual, with the possibility of sharing photos and videos, this social network also makes it possible to capture immediate feedback. Like Twitter, instantaneity is Instagram’s great strength, with the ability to share information more visually and be close to Internet users.


The video hosting site is the world leader in its category, with over 20 million monthly users. For professionals, YouTube makes it possible to publish videos and establish real proximity to their community. Since video is a fashionable format, many influencers make the platform and Internet users happy. Indeed, the video can be viewed on all types of screens – including smartphones – and can be easily shared, with a strong potential for virality.

2. Build an effective business strategy on social networks

Definition of targets

The content must agree with the audience, regardless of the networks of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan chosen. Thus, the first step of an effective business strategy on social networks is to define the targets. And this applies all the more in the context of a B2B market. The most important thing is to know your prospects well, to draw a typical portrait, and to define the social network (s) to target as a priority.

Choose the relevant social networks

After having defined the typical portrait that a company wishes to reach on each social network, a crucial step takes place. Indeed, you have to find the right balance between being present on one or more social networks to ensure the regular production of relevant content.

Support can then be ideal for carrying out a complete audit. The analysis of what the competition offers or even of the habits of the typical portrait, including the information sought by your potential audience, can be all criteria on which to rely to define the social network (s) on which to work position.

Optimization of editorial strategy

The next step is the setting-up of a clear editorial strategy adapted to the chosen social networks. Each social network having its characteristics, communication on each of them cannot be identical. Thus, depending on the targets for each social network, it is necessary to define a type of support and a tone to adopt in its communication.

Where LinkedIn users are used to reading rather detailed articles, Twitter users seek to find the desired information in a few characters (140 maximum for years, 280 since late 2017). The editorial strategy must therefore take into account this type of criteria, with more powerful messages on the first social network cited, and concise and powerful messages on the second.

This analysis thus leads to a clear editorial schedule, containing all the information to be shared on the various social networks chosen, as well as their publication dates and times. Indeed, these two parameters can make all the difference, with “peak hours” on social networks, to be targeted as a priority to reach as many people as possible.

Performance measurement

What would an effective business strategy be without performance measurement? With the democratization of social networks, especially in marketing, many tools have emerged in recent years. They allow companies to analyze their results, such as the number of visits to their website from a particular social network. Other tools will enable you to plan publications on the various social networks or retrieve statistical data following a post.

3. Social networks: what contributions for a B2B company?

Visibility, e-reputation, and brand image

The first added value of setting up a good communication strategy on social networks is gaining visibility. Prospects and customers of a business can indeed find the information they are looking for and see the dynamism and modernity of a business.

Also, for several years and with the advent of social networks, a company’s e-reputation has been a key parameter. Taking control of its brand image on social networks allows a company to control the information shared in public and, therefore, to have control over its online reputation.

This digital notoriety can make the difference between several competitors, for example, in choosing a supplier within the framework of a B2B company. The implementation of a communication strategy on social networks makes it possible to share the positive elements of a company (news, achievements, material, etc.) and to establish the first link with customers and prospects.

Share your know-how to attract attention and reassure your targets

Also, in the context of improving a company’s reputation, social networks make it possible to disseminate certain information to share its know-how. Readable, interesting, and well-targeted content, according to the social network, makes it possible to share elements of its functioning, such as photos or videos of its production chain, its best practices, and expertise.

Depending on the elements chosen, a company can show what it can offer its customers. By sharing this type of content, it captures the attention of its target and redirects it to its website, potentially making it a new partner. It is also a way to reassure and establish a form of trust with its customers and prospects.

With increasingly impressive statistics (for example, more than 80% of French people regularly use one or more social networks), the field of possibilities is simply gigantic. Thus, a good communication strategy on social networks can make a difference, especially in certain industrial sectors where companies do not yet use it.


In a world in perpetual evolution and where the norm is to go towards the least expensive, loyalty appears more important. Social networks are a very good vector of allegiance, with the possibility of creating user communities.

First, social networks make it possible to set up a dialogue, whether through posts addressed to all the people who follow the company or through personalized exchanges.

Then, social networks make it possible to set up a visual identity specific to each company. This makes it possible to consolidate its brand by generating a base of interested contacts, by animating this community, and by encouraging the most fervent customers to become ambassadors.

Finally, social networks allow customers to be rewarded. Indeed, different campaigns can be set up to offer additional services or specific benefits to their community.

Improve natural referencing

The last and not the least stage is the contribution that social networks have on the natural referencing. Indeed, the traffic generated by a website from a social network is a very interesting asset for SEO.

Search engines are fond of this type of traffic because it proves, in the majority of cases, that a website is attractive to Internet users. In addition to increasing the traffic of a website, social networks are gaining more and more weight in the way search engines organize the results of certain searches.

Create a great site in 15 steps for small and medium businesses

Create a great site in 15 steps for small and medium businesses

The website is the most important tool when you want to start or already have a business. Here are the 15 steps to follow to streamline the site creation process.

1. Reason: Why do you need a website?

  • A great website is the first thing you need to start with a great marketing plan . Think carefully about what you need for your business to be successful before you start working on the site!
  • Want to provide information about your products and services?
  • Do you want to increase the company’s turnover?
  • Do you want more customers?
  • Do you want your business to be known?

2. The ideal customer: Discover the typology of the ideal customer!

  • If you have realized what the ideal client looks like (image, age, profession, etc.), you can find out what you have to offer them and how to offer them.

3. Keywords: What keywords should you use? How?

  • Now that you have an image of the perfect client, you have to talk in his language!
  • There are many tools with which you can find out what words people use when searching for information on search engines.
  • If you know how this works, customers will find your site faster and easier.

4. Uniqueness: What makes you unique and valuable in the eyes of your client?

  • What benefits do you offer?
  • Who do you offer?
  • How do you do this in a unique (and at the same time pleasant for the customer) way?
  • Why does the customer choose you over the competition?

5. The marketing hook

  • The “marketing hook” is the “bait” used to “catch” new customers.
  • Example of a marketing hook: “Relax! We know the problem. “- The dentist.
  • The marketing hook is the most visible text on the site.

6. Offer irrefutable. Here are some things that build an irrefutable offer:

  • Time limit;
  • discount;
  • Free bonus;
  • Guarantee;
  • It has non-characteristic benefits;
  • Customer opinions;
  • Reveals the next step.

7. Domain name

  • The domain name is your web address.
  • The web address is one of the important elements that will help you build a strong brand.
  • Make sure the domain name choice is wise because it will stay the same for a long time (maybe forever)!

8. Website hosting services

  • Hosting is an online space that you “rent” for your domain so that Internet users can access it.
  • Without paying a monthly/annual hosting service, your site will not appear online.

9. Appearance / Design of the site

  • The Design is the one that most influences potential customers.
  • He has the power to turn a visitor into a customer.
  • The simple, clean, airy Design is much more appreciated than the complex or chaotic Design.

10. Functions / Features of the site

  • Information technology has evolved so much that we can now have on our website or online store “virtual test booths” that are as usable as real ones, “live chat “, “newsletters” that are sent automatically, and many others.
  • You say what you want your site to do and what options visitors have, and the specialist turns your wish into reality.

11. Website development

  • If you meet all the previous steps’ requirements, Digital Marketing Company is ready to develop a brilliant site that exceeds your expectations.

12. Content creation

  • A website should not disappoint with its content!

13. Website promotion

  • Choose and combine the right promotion methods for your business!
  • Facebook promotion.
  • Smart promotion with Google AdWords.

14. Website optimization / Conversion of visitors into customers

  • How to use colors to have more customers
  • How to use the CALL TO ACTION tool effectively

15. Design adaptable to mobile devices

  • The mobile friendly online store brings you more sales!
How to Choose the Right Keywords to be Visible on Google

How to Choose the Right Keywords to be Visible on Google?

Do you have a website that you like, and yet you are struggling to stand out in Google’s results, and attract visitors to it? It then becomes essential to optimize your site so that it respects the best practices of natural referencing on Google (SEO).

There are several key rules for SEO of a website, one of them is crucial: choosing the right keywords to attract the right visitors. Google’s robots, which come to visit your site each time you include new content, use these keywords to push your site up in the search engine results.

Discover here the key methods and tools to choose the keywords that will make your website visible on Google:

  • Identify words related to your activity used by your customers.
  • Watch what other professionals in your industry are doing.
  • Find the most searched keywords by Internet users.
  • Organize the keywords that will be integrated into the content of your site

Identify Words related to your Activity used by your Customers

To choose the keywords that will attract visitors to your website, start by finding the words they use on Google.

First, brainstorm with different people who know your business:

  • Ask your loved ones and clients what words they use to talk about your business. This is an effective technique for finding unsuspected synonyms. For example, if you are a pruner, maybe your clients use the term “tree pruner” more than “pruner.”
  • Ask your loyal customers questions. Ask them what they would google to find your website, or what topics in your business interest them. For example, if you are a sports coach, your clients may talk to you about “abdominal strength exercises.” Write down their answers: you will find interesting keywords for your site.
  • Ask various people what terms they don’t understand, or what they would like to know about your job.

Also consider talking to your business partners and other professionals doing the same business as you. Certain expressions that you might not have spontaneously thought of may come to mind.

At the end of these conversations, you will have found many key phrases, some of which came up repeatedly in the discussion. Write them down, and use them as inspiration to create the content for your website.

Watch what Other Professionals in your Industry are Doing

If you are just starting to take an interest in SEO for your website, other professionals in the same industry as you have probably already taken on the task.

Take advantage of this by being inspired by the way they have designed their site, and the keywords they have chosen themselves.

Start by typing the name of your activity + the name of your city on Google. In the search engine results, you will find websites of other professionals like you. Check out their content (both main pages and blog posts, if they have any), and write down the keywords they use to describe their business.

You can also do the same on influential sites, such as those of ministries, union chambers, large companies, or blogs known in your profession. These websites are generally maintained by natural referencing on the Internet (SEO) professionals, who make sure to choose the best keywords to rank well on Google.

When you carry out these searches, look out in particular for the keywords present in the titles and the subtitles: they are generally key expressions, which have a great potential to rank a website page well in the results of Google.

Choose the Keywords most Searched by Internet Users

It’s good to choose keywords which are relevant to your company. Choosing keywords that your potential customers really search for in Google is even better!

There are a number of free tools available that allow you to discover new keywords, as well as the number of times those keywords are typed into Google per month. Here are a few, which will help you choose high potential keywords:

  • Google Suggest
  • UberSuggest
  • Google Ads (Keyword Planner)

Organize the Keywords that will be Integrated into the Content of your Site

Found a bunch of keyword ideas? Well done: now is the time to organize them to plan your website content writing.

Start by sorting these different keywords, according to their respective lexical fields. It is important, when you create content for the Internet, to vary these different semantic fields (words related to a specific subject): this makes Google robots understand that you are talking about several subjects that interest your potential customers.

Also be sure to differentiate:

  • Keywords with few monthly searches, those that Internet users search a lot.
  • The keywords already used by your competitors, those that are not.

Take the reflex to collect all these key expressions in a dedicated Excel file, with several columns (keyword, monthly searches, semantic field, used or not by the competitors…). You will thus keep a clear vision of those that you have already used or not on your site, as you write your content.

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